Commissioning a Bespoke Sculpture

Commissioning a bronze sculpture whether it’s a wildlife sculpture, domestic animal, equestrian or figurative sculpture, involves working directly with Jane to create a work of art just for you, either from a life subject or from photographs.  Or perhaps you don’t know exactly what you would like, but are keen to find out what may work in your garden or at home, Jane can help advise you with ideas so that you find the right commission which is totally personal to you. For Jane its very much a partnership between you both and she will want to work closely together throughout the whole process to help you make the right decision.


  1. If it involves a particular animal, they are ideally brought to the studio or if travel is required to see the animal, to take photos and measurements it may cost a little extra depending on your location.  The prices do not include delivery of the final sculpture but these can be estimated based on your location. 
  2. Payment is 50% upfront and then 50% on receipt of the finished bronze sculpture.  Jane does commissions in bronze for small coffee table size sculptures and bronze or bronze resin for larger scale sculptures.
  3. For small coffee table size commissions, Jane will produce two unfinished waxes for you to view and discuss half way through the process and then she will finish the one of your choice.
  4. For larger scale, outdoor or life-size works, Jane will work in clay or scrim and plaster and she will send photos or encourage visits to see the progress first hand.
  5. Once the final sculpture has been approved – Jane can either send photos or you can see it in the studio before it’s cast.
  6. All commissions allow Jane to take a limited edition of your sculpture of up to 15 for her to sell afterwards.  But she is very happy to provide you with a unique or very short edition but this would have to be reflective in the increased price.
  7. Please note that editions of your commission may be sold at a slightly lower price but these buyers are not purchasing edition number 1 of a bespoke sculpture and have had no say in the development of the piece.  Also, if it’s a popular work, the value of your piece would increase over time!

Commissioned sculptures are only cast in bronze or bronze resin if on a larger scale.  The cost starts from £4,500 plus VAT depending on the size.  Prior to the start of a commission prices would be discussed and agreed.

Commissioned sculptures can take around 4-6 months. This is dependent on Jane Shaw’s workload at the time. Often commissions are for a particular date, and so every effort would be made to reach the required deadline.

All commissioned sculptures are professionally packaged with the greatest care.

Bronze sculptures: Small bronze sculptures within mainland UK: £50. Medium bronze sculptures within mainland UK: £75. Outdoor bronze sculptures within mainland UK: £250. International shipping – price on application. Contact us for other delivery options like collection or express.

Bronze resin sculptures:  Outdoor bronze resin sculptures within mainland UK: £170. International shipping – price on application.


For more information and to discuss commissioning a piece contact:


Mobile: 07931 772387

Studio: 01258 881 344

Take a look at Jane Shaw's recent commissions.

Studio News


"I came across Jane's work some years ago and I couldn’t resist her hare’s head which was later followed by a spaniel and have recently commissioned a bronze of my daughter's last horse. Jane's care and attention to detail on this project has been phenomenal. She has involved my daughter in the whole process, listening to what she has suggested, and has been determined to capture not only shape and movement but also his character. She has done this perfectly. It will be a much treasured reminder of a fabulous hunting horse."

Elspeth Scott, Dorset

"I have owned lurchers for many years and had been looking for a life-size sculpture of one for ages, preferably standing.  They are few and far between, so I was absolutely delighted when I found ‘Last Days’.  This was exactly what I was after.  Jane has captured perfectly the gentleness and affection of the breed.  It is altogether a stunning piece of work, from which I derive enormous pleasure every single day and will for years to come."

Matthew McCloy, Oxfordshire

"The only sculpture we have ever bought is a small torso by Jane Shaw. Why? Because it is full of life and moves with the light so that you can look at it for ages without tiring. But we also love her figurative and landscape pen and ink drawings .  In all her work there is an intense exchange of feeling and dialogue where she balances mystery and all that the eye cannot see with a gentle intensity of line which is deeply satisfying."

Suzannah and Tom Dick