Jane Shaw Sculpture

Award winning British sculptor, Jane Shaw is passionate about capturing the essence and movement of animals and wildlife.  Her style of strong, spontaneous gestural strokes portrays her subjects’ natural power, dynamism and emotion.  Often working directly from life, she produces bronzes for the home and larger scale garden pieces.

"My company was delighted to host a number of private views for artists in our boardroom in Westminster.  Jane contributed to a number of them and her works were both stunning and popular, not only selling to our clients but also securing commissions.  We liked her works so much that we bought a sculpture of a greyhound which had pride of place on our boardroom table and attracted considerable interest and excitement and proved to be a real asset to discussions.  Her talent extends across a range of different forms and sizes which makes for some fascinating and beautiful works of art."

Edward Wild, London

"I am delighted with Jane's charismatic sculpture of a quintuple life-size hare in electric-blue resin. The sculpture adorns the approach to The House and is both artistically brilliant and fun. My teenage son thinks so too."

William Dartmouth, Devon


I hope her kindness shines through! 

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Showing a little bit of the journey of this horse which I began when I was doing a sculpture demonstration in London @gallery8eight and then finished in my studio. The elegance of power when managed in the right way on a horse is so thrilling to watch. I hope I have captured just that and the full concentration ! 
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New piece. Still a little more work to be done. I wanted to convey a feeling of strength and power and I’m hoping it will be one of a series of horses showing this feeling but in different ways.  Good to be working on my own project. 

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Not finished but on its way, my little Labrador Collie and with a lovely model in the studio over the weekend - I managed to really study her face and then I’m hoping I can finish her body this week. It’s lovely to see the mix of breed and her personality is superb so I wanted to capture her kind longing look with her head slightly to one side.  It’s quite interesting modelling an animal with the owners in the studio - I don’t think I could have done it a few years back but now I just seem to switch off and get in the zone. Infact it’s rather lovely as I can ask them things along the way and I am a great one to have a chat as those who know me will testify !🙃

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A lovely new muse in my studio !  She’s 14 can you believe. The beauty of a cross breed between a collie and a lab. I’m looking forward to this project and lovely to be working from life which is always my preference !! 

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