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‘Wise Lady’ | Zwartbles Sheep | Bronze wildlife and animal sculpture

This lovely zwartbles sheep, called Mrs Darling, I have watched and watched, drawn and photographed endlessly, as I wanted to capture her unique characteristics which I have tried to do in a number of bronze sculptures.   I feel when she looks at you, you feel rather humbled.   Mrs Darling is a pet zwartbles sheep who we have had in our possession for a few years.  This breed originated from Holland, and were bred for meat, but not here!   Mrs Darling, comes into the house, loves anything to eat other than sheep pellets!

She is an old and wise sheep, and hardly goes in the field now, and instead hobbles around the yard, sleeping most of the day so ideal for drawing purposes!

This wildlife sculpture of a zwartbles sheep is available in bronze as a limited edition of 9 and in bronze resin as a limited edition of 25.  It would make an ideal gift for someone who loves the countryside or farm animals and can be placed on a slate or stone base which gives it more stature.

Measurement:   H15cm L24cm W12cm

Materials: Bronze or Bronze resin

Price: Bronze as a limited edition of 9 : £1,600 |  Bronze resin as a limited edition of 25: £350

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