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‘Where are you?’ | Girl stretching | Bronze Figurative Sculpture

I love observing human nature and children have such a natural presence, I was keen to show their vulnerability through a figurative bronze sculpture.  I studied a small child of about 2 years old and when I produced this sculpture for the out doors on a larger scale, the bronze figure is reaching for something beyond, signalling ‘anything is possible in life’ and messaging a feeling of hope.   For this smaller indoor bronze figurative sculpture of the same pose,  the small girl shows a sense of vulnerability which is so often experienced in young  children, looking for their mother in order to be picked up and held to give the security they are temporarily missing at the time.

I have exaggerated the little girl’s tummy to emphasis their lovely soft rounded bodies and their pot bellies!   This bronze sculpture is available as a limited edition of 9 or it can also be cast in iron or bronze resin as a limited edition of 25

Dimensions: H 12cm   L 7cm   W 9cm

Material: Iron and bronze resin or bronze

Price:  Iron resin :  £350  |  Bronze :       £1,100

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