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‘Watching You!’ | A Harris Hawk | Bird of Prey | Bronze Wildlife Sculpture

The Harris Hawk was named  by  John Audubon, a famous nineteenth century naturalist, named after his friend and fellow naturalist Edward Harris and although this bird of prey is called a ‘hawk’ it is not actually part of the hawk family, but more closely related to the buzzard family.

The power, and elegance of this bird of prey intrigued me.   After studying, and drawing Harris Hawks, and taking many photographs, I sculpted this bronze sculpture from life, as the bird came from a near-by Dorset falconry centre for birds of prey.   Whilst everything about the bird, conjured up a feeling of fear and menacing – the bird also displayed a very gentle sentimental side to her – I noticed that whenever her ‘handler’ walked away – she became flustered and on edge.  Even birds have emotions!  This bronze sculpture is showing the Harris Hawk, having just captured her prey, and the bird is watching you with intent before she sets off.  I have exaggerated the length of her body and feathers to increase the sharpness and power of possession.

I sculpted it in wax, to be cast in bronze as an edition of 9 and bronze resin as a limited edition or 25.   As an almost life-size bronze sculpture, it would be best shown, where you can walk all around it.

Materials: Bronze  or Bronze resin

Measurements: H 23cm L 36cm W 16cm

Price: Bronze : £2,500 | Bronze resin : £980


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