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Warty – Running Warthog I Bronze wildlife Sculpture


Materials : Bronze (you can choose your own choice of patination)

Measurements :  H 22cm  L 34cm  W 16 cm

Price : Bronze £2,850 (Limited edition of 9)


This sculpture was a commission and because I wasn’t familiar with warthogs, I went on a number of trips to the zoo once again to try and spy the warthogs in real life for my research!  They didnt really like coming out of their shelter, so many visits were hugely frustrating.  However, I was able to back all this up by endless viewings on youtube and pinterest and the general internet…a tremendous source of background info.

Warthogs are members of the same family as domestic pigs, but present a much different appearance. These sturdy hogs are not among the world’s most aesthetically pleasing animals—their large, flat heads are covered with “warts,” which are actually protective bumps. Warthogs also sport four sharp tusks. They are mostly bald, but they do have some sparse hair and a thicker mane on their backs.

Though warthogs appear ferocious, they are basically grazers. They eat grasses and plants, and also use their snouts to dig or “root” for roots or bulbs. When startled or threatened, warthogs can be surprisingly fast, running at speeds of up to 30 miles an hour.

Here in this bronze wildlife sculpture, I wanted to capture the warthog running at high speed….not just trotting as so many people re-create that….He has power and determination and yet, his face and tail add a sense of comedy to this sweet wild animal!  This can only be cast in bronze as I have made the tail very thin in order to exaggerate the familiar site of the bit of ‘fluff’ swaying in the wind as they run!

This piece is a limited edition.



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