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‘The Great Escape’ | Running Hare | Bronze Wildlife Sculpture | Bronze Animal Sculpture

I have only ever seen a hare in the wild, for just a  moment and then he’s gone but I always cherish that moment!  Brown Hares graze on vegetation and nibble bark from young trees and bushes and shelter in a shallow depression in the ground or grasses, but when disturbed, can be seen bounding across fields using their powerful hind legs to propel them forwards, often in a zigzag pattern and this is what I wanted to capture in this bronze sculpture of a running hare.

I wanted to show this bronze wildlife sculpture of a hare running for his life around the bend, out of site,  so I could exaggerate the movement and fear in his face and body.  Everything is on a curve.  I am now working on very large version of this bronze sculpture in plaster for the garden!

Material: Bronze resin  as an edition of 25 | Bronze as an edition of 9
Dimensions: H 14cm L 35cm W 16cm
Cost: bronze resin £550 | Bronze £1,800

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