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‘Sherlock’ Mountain Goat | Garden Sculpture | Bronze Wildlife Sculpture | Goat Sculpture

Material : Iron Resin with a rust finish (can also be cast in bronze resin or bronze)

Size :  H 131cm   L 149cm   D 50cm

Can be positioned directly onto a grass or hard surface, or mounted on a stone base with dimensions being roughly : H 62cm  L 200cm  W 120cm.  This can all be arranged for you.

Price : £4,500 (without the base) iron

In bronze (in whatever patina you choose) £25,000 as a limited edition of 12


I was inspired by all the mountain goats we used to spot when living in the French Alps.  I created him so he stood proud on a slanting rock, and had attitude!  I sculpted the goat in scrim and plaster, and used the layering of the scrim to accentuate the shape of the goat and whilst he is standing still, the movement is in the material I have used.

Sherlock was crying out to be positioned on a large stone base, to make him look like he is peering down onto you but he looks equally powerful on a slight incline or even a flat grass bank, either appearing from a cluster of trees, or in a corner….he looks after us in our garden, and comes alive when the sun is out which brings out the vibrancy of the rust, bouncing off from the green surrounds!  He has power and presence and yet, is friendly and welcoming – hard to describe – you need to come to my studio and see Sherlock in the flesh!



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