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‘Roman Nose’ Head of a Horse | Bronze Equestrian Sculpture | Horse Sculpture

Material : Bronze resin or bronze with a sand stone base, limited edition

Size : H 15cm  L 13cm  D6 cm without the stone base (stone base is : 6.5cm x 12 cm)

Price : £550 in Bronze resin as a limited edition of 25 or £1,100 as a bronze limited edition of 15

I love studying  different horse heads, and they are all subtly different, just like us!  Some horses have the most amazing shaped heads, and this bronze equestrian sculpture definitely shows off his roman nose but with a wise eye on him!   I sculpted a whole series of horse heads, and even brought them to the stables, while studying my own horses – come rain or shine!  I only had one cast from this series which I am sure I will re-visit at some point.

This is a small bronze sculpture which can sit comfortably on a side board or under a light on a coffee table and shows off incredible elegance and majestic charm without dominating the space.


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