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‘Reaching for the Stars’ | Young Child | Figurative Bronze Sculpture

I am fascinated by the human nature and children have such a natural presence, I was keen to portray their feelings through a life size bronze sculpture.  I worked with a small child of about 2 years old and produced a life-size figurative sculpture of a young girl in plaster which I than had cast in bronze resin.   When you have the sculpture inside a home, it shows the vulnerability of  a little girl, looking for her mother, dying to be picked up and held and given the security she is missing at the time.  When I place this sculpture in the garden, say under a tree, it shows something different – the figure is reaching beyond where she is right now – reaching for the sky.  The bronze sculpture gives a message of hope and strength.

Very little detail is shown in this sculpture as I sculpted it with plaster and scrim.  I have exaggerated the little girl’s tummy as they never care about things like that and its a lovely sign of her age!

This figurative sculpture can be cast in bronze resin, or iron resin with a verdigris finish as a limited edition of 9.

Material: Iron Verdigris or bronze resin

Measurements : H 76cm    L 37cm   W 28cm

Price: £1,500

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