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‘Mr Power’ | Head of a Ram | Sheep’s Head | Bronze Wildlife Sculpture

Since moving to Dorset, I have been intrigued by the different shapes and sizes and character of the sheeps’ heads and if you stop and study the sheep you pass every day in your car, or walking, you will begin to see what I mean!

For this bronze wildlife sculpture of a Ram’s Head, I spent quite a few days with a very wet bottom, sitting in the field with my wax sculpture.  There aren’t many sculptures  done of sheeps’ heads but part of my inspiration was studying many Henry Moore’s drawings of sheep, and turning them into a work of art.  I have since grown to love sheep!

This bronze sculpture would make an ideal present for someone who love sheep or the outdoors, as it heroises an animal which is often forgotten about in art.

Material: Bronze resin | limited edition of 25
Dimensions: H 30cm L 24cm W 23cm
Cost:  Bronze resin £495
Cost in bronze as a limited edition of 9: £1,500

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