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‘Moving Torso series – I, II, III’ | Figurative Bronze Sculpture

I am fascinated by movement and in this series of figurative bronze sculptures, I wanted to capture the various positions of the upper body and the twisting motion, following on from my earlier torsos.  But here I  only showed the essence of the human body, with little detail to try and create more of a flow in the sculpture.  Whilst these are small sketches done in wax, then cast in bronze, I am looking to sculpt these torso figures on a larger scale for the outdoors as I think it would look very dramatic, particularly on a high plinth at the end of an avenue of trees!

Any of these sculptures can be cast in bronze as a limited edition of 9 or bronze resin as a limited edition of 25

Measurements: H 15cm  L 6cm  W 4cm  (base and stand: H 15cm W: 4cm square)

Materials: Bronze or Bronze resin with a verdigris finish

Price: £950 each in Bronze  | £260 each in Bronze resin

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