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‘On Top of the World!’ | Mountain Goat | Bronze Wildlife Sculpture

I have lived in the French Alps and it was always a great family thrill to spot a mountain goat surveying the scene high above us, standing on what would look like a very precarious mountain face.   This vision was my inspiration for this animal sculpture. The goat definitely has ‘attitude’ and he is not someone who you would want to mess with.  Positioning this bronze sculpture on a sloping rock it has given this very delicately sculptured piece, an authoritative presence as he looks down onto us humble humans!  He will never fail to make you smile as you pass him.

Material:  Bronze resin mounted on portland stone as a limited edition of 25 or bronze as a limited edition of 9
Dimensions:  H 23cm  L 21cm  W 7cm
Cost:  Bronze resin £450   |   Bronze £1,500

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