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‘Galloping Horse Series I, II, III’ | Bronze Equestrian Sculpture | Bronze Wildlife Sculpture

I have had a passion for horses, since I was a child, having had ponies of my own growing up and now one of my daughters is obsessed with the equestrian world so I have returned to that lovely horse smell I have always wanted to capture in a bottle!  Or that calm rustling sound in a stable, as the horse munches away oblivious to the elements outside!

This equestrian bronze study of 3 horses was the result of me wanting to go on a journey of learning the various stages of a gallop.  What I realised is there are subtle changes that happen with the shape and outline of their body, as well as the more obvious changes of the leg movement and I wanted to bring these stages together, and to see how they relate.

We have this bronze equestrian sculpture behind the sofa in our sitting room, on a half moon table, and it looks very striking as you walk in the room.  I have also seen it look equally as compelling, in the centre of a dining table which would definitely create quite a talking point!  I modelled these three horse sculptures in wax,  and I had them cast as a bronze wildlife sculpture, as well as bronze resin,  as limited editions.  The horses can also be purchased individually.

Material: Bronze resin as a limited edition of 25 or bronze as an edition of 15
Dimensions: H 28cm  L 85cm  W 14cm
Cost: Bronze resin (verdigris) for all three £1,300 or £390 each | Bronze £3,950 for all three or £1,600 each

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