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‘Partnership’ Bronze Mongolian Hunter on Horseback| Equestrian Bronze Sculpture |

Dimensions : H 26cm  L 33cm  W 17cm

Materials : Bronze

Price : £3,500 (Limited edition of 15)

This bronze sculpture of a Mongolian Hunter on horseback evolved over a number of years.  It began with me just focusing on a horse and rider and the relationship between the two.  It then sat around in my studio for years as a dusty wax – until lock down – when I decided this needed to evolve into a proper bronze horse and rider sculpture!

I travelled through Mongolia on our honeymoon many moons ago and I was overwhelmed by the amazing horsemanship of the Mongolian people riding across the steppes on these very uncomfortable wooden saddles.  We also loved riding out there too, and were struck by how many eagles we would see in the wild….often sitting on the ground, until you galloped past!  We have an etching of a Mongolian Huntsman with his eagle on horseback and it was this image that inspired me to re-create the intense partnership between all three – horse, rider/hunter and eagle.

The eagle was the hardest thing to get right in this bronze horse and rider sculpture partly because it was on such a small scale.  The key thing for me was to capture the very strong partnership and loyalty between the eagle and the rider to produce a narrative which you are compelled to walk around and to be drawn into the intensity of the various relationships.

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