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‘Looking up’ | Lying Lurcher | Bronze Animal Sculpture of a Dog

I had no idea lurchers could be such ‘armchair’ dogs, unless they are on a scent! And even when lying down, this breed of dog demonstrates such refinement and supremacy but with a gentle heart. Its these qualities which  I have wanted to portray in this sculpture.  Whilst I have sold this bronze animal sculpture as a singular piece, I did sculpt it to be part of a pair of lurchers, questioning which dog was dominating.  But on its own, the bronze, portrays the dog in a slightly vulnerable position, or he could simply be looking up at his master.

As a bronze sculpture this piece is ideal for people who love lurchers, or simply appreciate animal relationships.  It can be bought as a limited edition in both bronze resin and bronze

Material: Bronze as an edition of 9 or bronze resin as an edition of 25
Dimensions: H 15cm L 27cm W 17cm
Cost:Bronze £1,500 | Bronze resin £495

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