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‘Loving my Master’ | Staffordshire Bull Terrier | Dogs | Bronze Animal Sculpture

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are so not what they seem and trying to portray their tough and strong looking body without loosing their amazing love and adoration to us humans was a hard thing to do in a bronze animal sculpture.

This sculpture, was a commission for someone who was very fond of their dog – a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and  whilst I was keen to show the essence of this breed of dog, which is one of strength and power, I wanted to show no aggression whatsoever.  I realised these dogs are incredibly gentle souls, and now I see why they are so often miss-understood!  Their powerful, looks do not portray their nature!

It was a very tricky sculpture to do, but I enjoyed getting to know Staffis, drawing them, watching the way they moved, and taking endless photos…..I re-worked the piece several times, until I was totally happy.  So here is a gentle giant sleeping, oblivious to the world around him!

I worked on this piece in wax, and then had it cast at a foundry in Dorset as a limited edition.  Whilst this bronze sculpture looks very elegant in a sitting room, I could also sculpt it as a life size sculpture for the outdoors.  This bronze sculpture is cast in bronze as a limited edition of 9 or in bronze resin as a limited edition of 25

Measurements : H12cm   L16cm   D10cm

Materials: Bronze or Bronze resin

Price:  £1,500 in Bronze | £350 in Bronze resin

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