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‘Love and Hope’ Pair of Horses Heads | Bronze Equestrian Sculpture | Horses Heads

Dimensions : H 32cm  L 27cm  W 17cm without the base (slate base: 36 x 18 cm)

Material : Bronze (verdigris), on a slate base

Price : £3,900 – Limited edition of 15

In this bronze equestrian sculpture of a pair of horse heads, which I completed during lock-down, I wanted to express optimism about the future, especially for the next generation.  so this equestrian bronze sculpture named: “Love and Hope,” shows two horses with just three legs between them, sharing the middle leg and moving in tandem. Sensitively inclining their heads towards each other, the ears of both were made disproportionally bigger, symbolising their way of communicating tenderness; and soft eyes gave out messages of love and kindness.  I wanted to capture the support and bond between two horses.

I did this bronze sculpture during lock down, after I had completed my bronze sculpture of an isolated horse called ‘Isolation’ in order for us to all focus on the future and what is important – hence love and hope!  A horse’s head can hold so much emotion and say so much to you, without words….I hope this sculpture goes a short way, in demonstrating more than what words can say.


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