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‘Looking Down’ | Standing Lurcher | Bronze Animal Sculpture of a Dog

I wasn’t familiar with lurchers until I began sculpting them and I immediately fell in love with their tremendous grace and calmness.  What I found intriguing was that  a lurcher is not a breed of dog but is a type of hound that results from cross breeding a sighthound with another type of working dog such as a collie or terrier.  And yet, they have an elegance which you fail to find in even the most expensive of breeds!

Whilst this bronze animal sculpture can be bought individually, I sculpted it as part of a pair, as I was keen to demonstrate a relationship between the two dogs and question a type of relationship which we find in humans and animals…..’who is dominating who?’  This bronze animal sculpture is made to leave you asking that question.

Material: Bronze as a limited edition of 9  |  Bronze resin as a limited edition of 25

Dimensions: H 15cm L 27cm W 17cm

Cost: £495 Bronze resin   | £1,500 Bronze


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