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‘Listening’ | Working Cocker | Dogs | Bronze Animal Sculptures

I have always loved the way working cockers are constantly busy using their ears and nose!  This working cocker has just stopped to listen, and I wanted to capture their wonderful ‘snake’ like body as they turn.  The bronze animal sculpture was a commission for this breed of dog, and I based it on a number of different working cockers which I had in my studio  so I could understand the breed of dog as much as possible during the process.  This bronze animal sculpture did take me along time as I found it hard to capture the essence of this dog breed but at last it happened!

This bronze sculpture of a working cocker would make an ideal gift for someone who loves shooting or the outdoors and perhaps has a spaniel of their own, as it conjures up their energy and spirit.  The sculpture would be ideally placed under a lamp in a drawing room or window sill – so the light can enhance the movement of the piece.  This could be a lovely animal sculpture on a larger scale for the outdoors.   Its available in bronze as a limited edition of 15 or in bronze resin as a limited edition of 25.

Dimensions : H 13cm  L 18cm  W11cm

Materials: Bronze or Bronze resin

Price: Bronze :£1,800  | Bronze resin : £450

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