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‘Last Days’ Life-size Lurcher | Garden Sculpture | Bronze Animal Sculpture | Dog Sculpture

Material : Bronze Resin with a white wash finish, limited edition of 12

Size : H 68cm  L 130 cm  D 51cm

Price: £3,300 as a bronze resin



Lurchers are special dogs and I have always found their beauty very compelling as I pass them in the street or on a walk, or visit a house full of lurchers, greyhounds or whippets.  These dogs can vary in size and they can be mixed with greyhound, whippet which make them on the smaller side.  Or they can be bred with Irish Wolfound, or Saluk which would make them alot bigger.  Generally the lurcher is skinny with athletic long legs, large chest, small ears and a long muzzle.

The coat of a lurcher tends to be longer.  Whilst they can move at such speed and so elegantly, they do not need alot of exercise at all.  Infact they are very happy sitting on the sofa for most of the day!  They are very tactile and love to cuddle up to their owner and be loved and adored.  Although the saddest thing is they do not like cats and have infact had to rescue a friend’s cat from their two lurchers.  They  had tried to kill the cat on numerous occasions.  So lurchers, are not always gentle  as they seem!

My garden sculpture

My garden sculpture of a life-size lurcher, was sculpted in clay.  I used my smaller coffee table sized bronze lurcher sculptures as a starting point.  I wanted to express the gentleness, total adoration and loyalty of these dogs.  The head is leaning down, the ears are in a submissive pose.  However, I have tried to show off a strong physic by using strong gestural strokes in the clay.  This bronze resin sculpture is for the outdoor garden area, but can also work inside the home, where it can fill a space of its own.   I have chosen to represent an older lurcher.  I have also shown photographs with the lurcher  with more of a verdigris finish, which does create a very different feel.

My plan is to create another lurcher lying down, talking to this lurcher.  Lets see what I can manage!

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