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‘Standing Proud’ | Standing Cockerel | Bronze Wildlife Sculpture

Material:  bronze as a limited edition of 9 |  Bronze resin as a limited edition of 25

Dimensions:  H 21cm  L 18cm  W 10cm

Cost:  £1,700 bronze  |  £495 bronze resin


If you live in the countryside, these wild animals, become part of the family, roaming the stable yards, gardens or fields and are a lovely welcoming site after a long day working.  Here I have used very subtle palette knife marks to indicate the feathers and other features – and the twist of the head and body makes the cockerel look very proud, and elegant.

Cockerels or Roosters as they are known in the States, have to lord it over the rest of the chickens as they are extremely territorial.  We had a lovely buff orpington once, who was so friendly and he sadly came to a tragic death as he was chased into the pond by our annoying dog, and I fear his wonderful golden plumage didn’t allow him to float.  We all felt very sad that summer’s evening!

This bronze wildlife sculpture of a cockerel  is one of a series of hens, but can look equally good in a solitary position on a window-sill or side board as he stands proud, lording it over us all.

I love watching hens walk as if they are on a tight rope, putting one foot in front of the other, and this is what I have tried to re-create here.

This bronze wildlife sculpture of a cockerel can be purchased as a bronze or as a bronze resin, as a limited edition.  I have had them patinated in a light verdigris which tends to emphasis the palette knife marks which I made in the wax.

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