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‘Peekaboo!’ | Little Girl Hiding | Bronze figurative sculptures

Human nature of a child is to hide their face, so they think you cant see them!  This is just one of the many traits of a young child I was keen to capture.

I worked with a small child of about 2 years old to produce a bronze sculpture for the home and it ideally works best when positioned along side the other small sculpture of a girl looking up.  I have displayed both bronze figures on a piece of bath stone, to create a feeling of isolation and so the eye can focus on the moment, but equally, the little girl hiding, looks lovely sitting directly on a piece of furniture.

I have shown very little detail in this bronze figurative sculpture as I wanted to focus on the outline and shape but I have exaggerated the little girl’s tummy as children generally do not care about things like that

This figurative sculpture can be cast in bronze resin, or iron resin with a verdigris finish as a limited edition.


Material: Iron resin limited edition of 25 or bronze  limited edition of 9
Dimensions: H 12cm L 7cm W 9cm
Cost : Iron resin £350 or bronze £1,100

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