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‘Electric Blue Hare’ Running Hare | Bronze Wildlife Sculptures

Medium : Bronze Resin with an Electric blue finish.  This can also be done in traditional bronze

Measurements : H 21cm  L 176cm W 70cm

Price : £5,500

(Can be situated on the grass or on a hard surface)

This bronze wildlife sculpture was inspired by me, after I did a couple of smaller sculptures of hares which I love.  I did not want to be realistic, but more conceptual and the fact I used scrim and plaster to build the sculpture really helped as I could not get too complicated or embroiled in detail!

Hares are very discrete wildlife animals….hardly to be seen by the human eye and its a magical site when they are spotted albeit for a second.

They run fast, especially evading predators and are known to run at speeds of about 45 miles per hour, making them the fastest wild mammal in the UK.  What is more they can speed up and slow down at break-neck speeds.  This enables them to change direction incredibly quickly.

So I wanted to show a hare twisting around a corner…..and I  made it absolutely vast in order to create a statement piece for the garden.  The ears are exaggerated and so are the long legs and big paws.  The movement in the body is accentuated by how I have layered the scrim and plaster on the metal framework to create strong gestural strokes in the piece.

I then had it cast, by transporting with huge difficulty, in a horse box – various limbs crumbled under the pressure – to the foundry. Whilst I have had it cast with an electric blue patination, you are able to have something more traditional, or a colour of your choice!

This wildlife sculpture looks amazing at the end of a long vista or on top of a slight hill or in the middle of a park, as it can hold its own space.  The hare is also a very welcoming site at the beginning of a drive way which is one of the places he is now in the heart of Devon!

Its not easy to miss, so watch out as there are a few of them around!

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