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‘Isolation’ Horse standing on a rock | Equestrian Horse Sculpture |

Dimensions :  H 30cm   L  25cm  W  8cm

Materials : Bronze (verdigris) on a slate base

Price : £3,200 Limited edition of 15

I had been playing around with the idea of a melancholy horse, and how to portray this in an animal…..so I started to draw several horses, looking sad (infact they had probably just been sleeping in a field!) and then trying to convey a feeling of sadness and possibly loneliness in the world.   I think during lock down, there was much talk of loneliness and isolation so these sentiments were being felt and talked about alot so I set to on a few small waxes.

So the first piece I completed during this time, is appropriately titled “Isolation.” It is of a horse with its head drooping down, its pose exhausted – but its form supported by a rock. “Ugly can be beautiful. There is a great beauty in sadness” I feel.  And this bronze equestrian sculpture conveys that beauty in the strength of the horse on its strong foundations, isolated on top of a pinnacle.  “Sad but beautiful”.



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