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‘A Long Day’ | Irish Hunter | Bronze Horse Sculpture | Equine Sculpture

My love of horses began when I was a child, when I managed to persuade my very unhorsey parents to let me have a pony for the next 10 birthdays rolled into one!  I then would ride  for hours and hours – in the  Gloucestershire countryside,  always appreciating the peace of your own company, surrounded with ever changing flora and fauna.  This is where my love of outdoors really began – on the back of a horse!

I was lucky enough to find a horse in a big studio and so I could really study his form, from a sculptural perspective for the first time.  This equine sculpture shows a tired hunter, after a day out in the field.  I wanted you to feel that exhaustion as you look at this bronze horse, after a long day hunting, with his head low, asleep on his feet.   You know that feeling!

The equine sculpture has a very textural surface which has been brought to your attention having a verdigris finish and as an indoor sculpture, it looks very striking in an alcove, or on a side table in a formal or informal setting.

Material: Bronze verdigris as a limited edition of 25 or bronze resin verdigris as a limited edition of 25
Dimensions:  H 19cm  L 26cm  W 7cm
Cost :  bronze resin  £495   |   bronze  £1,500


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