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‘Just Guinea Fowl’ | Bronze Wildlife Sculpture | Bronze Animal Sculpture

When we first moved to Dorset, we found ourselves in a village with roaming guinea fowl which was lovely to see.  Whilst chickens can be tamed, guinea fowl tend to be much more wild and so it was hard to get close to them at times.  But I enjoyed watching them from afar, as they pecked the ground in a group, around the Dorset countryside, and at times I used a strong lens to photograph them, especially their heads, to understand the details, before I embarked on my bronze wildlife sculpture of this beautiful  native African bird.

Their body shape has a very distinctive shape, and their heads are incredibly prehistoric, which I wanted to portray in this bronze  sculpture, exaggerating certain elements such as their feet.

I worked on these sculptures in wax and then had them cast as a bronze and bronze resin sculpture, both as limited editions.  They look very much at home in a farm house setting on a table under a lamp.

Material: Bronze resin as a limited edition of 25 or bronze as a limited edition of 9
Dimensions: H 17cm | L 17cm | W 10cm
Cost: Bronze resin £295 | Bronze £1,500

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