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‘Swimming Free’ | King Penguin Swimming | Bronze Wildlife Sculpture

I was asked to sculpt a series Bronze wildlife sculptures of King Penguins for a family who had lived in the Falklands for over 30 years.  They have a thriving gallery and wanted to provide their many overseas visitors with something which symbolised the Falklands and what better wildlife than the King Penguins.

I was unable to visit the Falklands, and so had to pay a number of visits to our local zoo, to study these amazing creatures.  Not such an interesting destination but the subject matter made up for it!  This  bronze sculpture shows a King Penguin swimming as they do this with such grace.  They make multiple dives usually to a depth of over 100 metres, and will not immediately resurface, instead spending up to just shy of 10 minutes (although usually closer to 5 minutes) underwater on some dives, investigating the seabed for prey.

Material: Bronze resin limited edition of 200 or bronze as a limited edition of 9
Dimensions: H 23cm L 20cm W 10cm
Cost:  Bronze resin: £295 or bronze £1,100

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