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‘Freedom’ | Charging White Rhino | Bronze wildlife sculpture

We all know how popular the white rhino has been in art over the years, symbolising the exotic world of Africa and beyond but in this sculpture I wanted to show the grace and flow of movement of this wild animal, something which I felt was often missed in  rhino sculptures.

Now that ‘Sudan’, the world’s last male northern white rhino has died leaving only two females left to save the subspecies from extinction, I am only too acutely aware of the threats they face in the modern world, from habitat loss, from hunting and from climate change.   So I set off, to Marwell Zoo in Wiltshire to try and learn a little more about these animals, spending hours drawing them, and taking many photos.  I was amazed about how softly they seemed to walk….in such a gentle way, totally unaware of their vastness in humanity being the second largest mammal in the world.

In this bronze wild life sculpture, I have used very distinctive tool marks, to create a rawness about the piece, a technique I have used in some other works recently.  I obviously could not see the white rhino running at the Zoo, but this was key for me, as it symbolised their need for freedom – and during the process,  I studied many videos of the way they moved – with so much grace and power.  This white rhino is turning the corner, with agility and speed.

Whilst this bronze sculpture looks very elegant on a piece of dark of furniture, creating dynamic movement in your quiet sitting room, it could be sculpted  on a larger scale for the outdoors.

Materials: Bronze as a limited edition of 9 or Bronze resin as a limited edition of 25

Measurements:  H15cm    L30cm    D17cm

Price: Bronze : £ 2,500 | Bronze resin : £995

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