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‘Dancing Thoroughbred’ Thoroughbred Horse | Bronze Equestrian Sculpture


Materials:  Bronze verdigris or Bronze resin Verdigris

Measurements :    H 18cm  L 26cm  W 8cm

Price:  £2,200 Bronze verdigris, limited edition of 15

or  £650 Bronze resin verdigris, limited edition of 25

My love of horses never tires and now I live next to a livery, so I have endless horses to watch and study.  I am often found in the middle of the field with my camera or sketch book, sometimes in the pouring rain thanks to the English weather!  So my equestrian bronze sculptures are going to increase – I hope!

There are not many thoroughbred horses in the fields around here, but I had the lucky fortune to have the opportunity to study a thoroughbred in a studio nearby which was great.  He was held in the studio, so we could really observe how he moved and held himself.  As are many thoroughbreds, this was an ex-race horse who never won a race so was discarded or retired! You could just see how he had the power and energy to move but with such grace as he trotted up and down the road!

In this bronze equestrian sculpture I wanted to capture the bounce and energy of these horses. I have exaggerated  the fine legs, and the posture is one of elegance showing his agility, speed and spirit!  Thoroughbreds have two unusual characteristics, which does make them well suited for speed.  Firstly their long necks which move with their front legs to propel them forward.  Secondly, their hind leg beds and straighten in an almost vertical line which also helps them move very fast.

This bronze equestrian sculpture shows a thoroughbred standing, but his muscles are tense, he is on edge and struggling to stand still!

This bronze sculpture is ideal on a coffee table, under a lamp or on a window sill with the light shining between the legs.  Whilst I have been able to produce it as a resin, the legs are very fine, and I would recommend it is best cast as a bronze.  Both are as limited editions.



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