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‘Changing Direction’ Galloping Horse | Bronze Equestrian Sculpture

Material : Bronze

Dimensions : H 18cm  L 28cm  W 16cm

Price : £2,100 as a limited edition of 15


I wanted to capture a horse, galloping at speed, and so in this bronze equestrian sculpture, I have done just that – captured that moment, but in order to increase the dynamism,  the horse is also changing direction (happily I am not on his back – otherwise, I would probably be flying into a prickly bush!)

We all need to change direction in life and also relish it, not fear it  and this equestrian sculpture is doing just that – but at speed!  The horse sculpture has strong dynamic presence, and looks great in a sitting room, on a coffee table where you can see it from every angle perhaps, sipping coffee calmly, having made a big change in your life!

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