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‘New beginnings’ | Calf from Lower Farm | Bronze animal sculpture | Wildlife

I have always been intrigued by the bone structure of a calf and their stance which has a very particular look where their hind quarters are just slightly higher than their shoulders and this is what I wanted to capture in this bronze wild life sculpture.  I spent many hours in a wet field, looking, drawing, photographing and even sculpting the calf.  They are very inquisitorial animals, and so sometimes, I found it a little frustrating, trying to create space between me and the calves!  But we succeeded.

Here is a vulnerable animal, with its life in front of him, or maybe not!


Material: Bronze (verdigris) as a limited edition of 9 or bronze (verdigris) resin as a limited edition of 25
Dimensions:  H 16cm  L 21cm  W 8cm
Cost:  Bronze resin £ 350   |   Bronze  £1,700

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