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‘Big Softy’ Head of a Buller Terrier | Bronze Animal Sculpture | Dog Sculpture | Bull Terrier

Material : Bronze resin on Sherborne Stone base

Size : H 43cm  L 32cm  W 25cm  excluding base (Base is 14cm x 18cm)

Price : £1,200 Limited edition of 25

Can be cast in Bronze – price TBC

I spent a number of hours in the kitchen of my fabulous and long suffering friend who owns two lovey bull terriers – and as I sculpted, I observed these dogs very closely, with their rather funny, playful nature – it took me quite a while to get their long nose exactly right….at first it was far too long and yet, I wanted to exaggerate this together with their very prominent ears…but its a careful balance so not to over play these features.

My love of these very mis-understood dogs, I hope shows through in this bronze animal sculpture of a head of a bull terrier….They are funny, gentle, intelligent and full of life – a great combination all these emotions are all held in their face.  This was why I wanted to focus on a head of a bull terrier, and through a majestic stance….you can perhaps see their magic like I do!

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