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‘All Ears’ | Head of a Hare | Winner of Bath & West 2016 | Bronze Wildlife Sculpture

Hares are very popular wildlife animals to capture either on a canvas or as sculptures.  I always become very excited when I spot a hare, running, listening and looking.  A very individual feature of the hare, are their amazing long ears, and in this bronze sculpture, I have exaggerated them, and made them the main feature, as the hare turns.

This bronze wildlife sculpture looks very at home, in an alcove, in its own space, but equally, I have seen it placed on a coffee table, beside a lamp and it seems to always watch you in the room!

Material: Bronze  or bronze resin as both editions of 25
Dimensions: H 45cm L 28cm W 16cm
Cost: Bronze resin: £660   |    Bronze: £1,995

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